A fluffy salute to all the heroes of Vancouver #snowmageddon2020

Kudos and Kvetches

It’s been said a million times, most often by shirtless dads after mowing the lawn, “Heroes aren’t born, they’re made.”

This is particularly true during the winter of Vancouver’s discontent, otherwise known as #snowmageddon2020.

From the dude who cleared his sidewalk with a lawn chair to the dedicated winter warriors who strap on skis and take to the streets, here’s the best of humankind during Vancouver’s latest and brief snowstorm that our friends and relatives from out east will undoubtedly mock us about.

Ski-dom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

Sure, people like to complain when they see bike lanes cleared of snow and not sidewalks. But those people are lame, selective and predictable. Sometimes bike lanes don’t get cleared. And that’s just fine for this person who used it as their own personal cross-country ski course.

Lawn and order

So you didn’t think ahead and buy a snow shovel for those few days of the year it snows in Vancouver. That doesn’t mean you still can’t clear the sidewalk with an inefficient piece of lawn furniture that longs for those warm days of summer. As they say, when life gives you lemons, you get out a pocket knife and carve an apple bong… or something like that.

I’m your pusher man

If Salt-N-Pepa taught us anything, it’s that sometimes you’ve just got to push it. Push it real good.

Dog gone it

While some delicate flowers at the Vancouver Courier, not mentioning any names, feel a half-hour walk to work is an insurmountable mountain to climb after it snows, this one goes out to all our furry friends who aren’t as easily daunted by the fluffy white stuff. Who’s a good boy?

Big things come with small packages

Flaunt it if you’ve got it, I guess. Despite the fact most Lambo owners are overcompensating for a personal or physical deficiency, let’s give ’em props for still showing up and waving their oversized bank accounts in our faces.