Letters: The saga of a Richmond sidewalk

Dear Editor,

I live on the north side of Steveston Highway, three houses east of Lassam. My evening walks entail walking west on Steveston highway to Railway then north to Williams and back in the reverse direction.

The sidewalk on the north side of Steveston from Lassam to Railway is closed due to construction work (Anthem Properties) on the same side of the road from Lassam to O’Hare’s Pub. I am now forced to walk via Lassam to Williams to Railway to Steveston.

On reaching Steveston, I have to cross over to the south side of the road due to the closed sidewalk at O’Hare’s Pub.

Walking on the south side of Steveston is no problem as the sidewalk is clear until I reach Swallow Drive.

Between Swallow Drive and Lassam, the sidewalk is composed of two slabs of concrete placed side by side. The inner slab is horizontal and level with the ground. However the curbside slab is sloping and sometimes covered with moss, and wet during rain. From 5411 Steveston Hwy. to Lassam, the level sidewalk is blocked by the overgrown hedge along the sidewalk. This makes it necessary for a pedestrian to walk on the sometimes slippery sidewalk.

Walking along the sloping sidewalk is dangerous as it could result in a pedestrian losing balance and falling in the way of traffic on Steveston Highway.

I urge the City of Richmond to take action to ensure that the whole of the sidewalk on the south side is available to pedestrians during the closure of the sidewalk on the north side of Steveston Highway.

Glen Heredia


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