Letters: Thanks for helping my husband

Dear Editor,

Thank you for running the article about my husband, Geoffrey Clay-Smith, who survived childhood polio to have the effects of post polio, 66 years later, causing him to be a quadriplegic, after a fall inside the house.

The information in the article speaks to the after effects of a pandemic that ran amok in the ‘50s, caused by a virus that is largely contained due to a vaccine.

Hopefully, when the COVID-19 vaccine is released, people will enthusiastically participate to wipe this threat from the planet.

The article also mentioned Geoffrey’s GoFundMe site. The amount raised, and very gratefully received, has gone towards a wheelchair and some renovations. Unfortunately, it still falls short of the amount for which we were aiming, so anyone who would like to help by donating is welcome to do so.

Melanie Clay-Smith


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