Letters: Pythagoras should have played paganism card in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “Non-religious school denied spot on ‘Highway to Heaven,’” News, Nov. 28.

Pity poor Pythagoras Academy.  All they wanted to do was turn a wasteful piece of land, that is a former golf course, into a more productive thing:  a school and organic garden. 

What hypocrites we have on council!

They turned down the application because the school was not religious.

Have they gone mad? The last thing we should be doing is promoting superstition.

On the other hand, Pythagoras Academy should have been more canny. I would have promoted the school on grounds they followed an ancient Greek model of pantheistic worship!

After all, paganism is a religion, is it not?

I (a Latin and Greek teacher) am appalled.

Catherine A. Mori


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