Letters: No thanks to the BC NDP

Dear Editor,

Re: “Where will Green support end up?” Letters, Oct. 8.

Dear Editor,

Our NDP government walked off the job during the pandemic of our age, as people continue to need tangible support.

They chose the potential of a power grab versus doing their job and implementing timely relief.

As a second COVID-19 wave rises, they shirked their duties, reneged on their partners, and cast us into an expensive and unnecessary election. This deserves no reward.

If they were truly interested in “working for you” they would be, you know, working.

With a pliable Green Party keeping them in power, what opposition did they truly face?

What audacious spending is planned that caused them to fear the shackles of the party propping them up, a party that has never had to produce a fiscally responsible plan itself?

That the government did a relatively decent job of things up to that point should be cast aside by people of conscience. Dr. Henry will still be there to guide us, she is the steady hand of this time.

The NDP have the audacity to smile and say “we just want to ask the people what they want us to do.” Let’s tell them, and vote for any party but the one that just abandoned their post in your hour of need.

Roy Oostergo


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