Letters: Demand rental housing now in Richmond

Dear Editor,

There is a very limited amount of land in downtown Richmond that can be used to create market rental housing and once city council allows it to be used to sell housing units to investors, it is lost forever.

The Polygon Talisman Park proposal at Cambie and Garden City would create 1,226 residential units, of which 150 are below market rental units. Ideally, 80 per cent of the remaining 1,076 units or 860 units, should be market rental. Instead, there will only be 65 units or six per cent, a ridiculously small number. To prevent that happening, concerned citizens can submit written comments to cityclerk@richmond.ca in advance of the public hearing on Monday, Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. Attendance in person is discouraged, but you can participate by phone at Richmond.ca/cityhall/council/phone-participation.

 John Roston

Coordinator, Richmond Rental

Housing Advocacy Group

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