Unpermitted wall in east Richmond rebuilt despite removal order

An unpermitted wall constructed on a filled-in ditch in east Richmond has been taken down but then rebuilt in the same place despite an order from city council to remove it.

In September, Richmond city council ordered remediation action on the decorative wall and the “watercourse crossing” be done by Oct. 30.

Since September, the decorative wall – which was falling apart - has been rebuilt and there has been additional landscaping work on the property, located at 13470 Westminster Hwy., just off No. 6 Road, in the Agricultural Land Reserve.

The wall was built on top of the filled-in ditch, that is part of the drainage system, and has caused pooling of water onto the road and neighbouring property.

The ditch is also part of the riparian management system, which establishes setbacks from watercourses within the city.

City staff noted, in their report to council, the watercourse crossing can’t be removed without exposing workers to a safety hazard, that being the decorative wall falling into the work area.

As of September, the property owners had been fined $8,500, which had not been paid at that time.

It’s estimated by staff it will cost $58,400 to remove the decorative wall and repair the ditch. If the city removes it, it will be billed back to the owners.

Council will hold a special meeting on Monday at 4 p.m. to address the issue.

Staff is recommending that council continue to impose the remedial action order.

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