Police suspect arson after vehicles set ablaze at North Vancouver towing company

Investigators are treating an overnight fire at a towing company in North Vancouver as arson after eight vehicles were set ablaze Thursday night.

While no one was injured, two vehicles belonging to Mitchell’s Towing located at 1255 Welch St., as well as six other vehicles on-site, were damaged in the fire.

“We are investigating it as an arson at this point,” said Sgt. Peter DeVries, North Vancouver RCMP spokesman. “We’re exploring all avenues.”

A motive behind the arson or possible suspects remain unknown at this point, said DeVries, who added that business operators at Mitchell’s Towing were co-operating with the investigation.

“We’re not releasing any details about the nature of the fire or details about the specifics of the fire because that’s a part of the active investigation that’s currently ongoing,” said DeVries.

The cost of damages to the burned vehicles isn’t currently known, according to police.

“It’s disturbing and alarming any time there’s a serious arson, such as this. It definitely affects people’s sense of security and in particular, business owners feel a certain degree of empathy with businesses that are victimized like this.”

The investigation is currently ongoing.

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