Richmond dancer dives into novel writing

A Richmond dancer was looking for an escape in novel writing when she discovered an emotional turn in her story.

Ameia Mikula-Noble, a dancer with the Richmond Academy of Dance, wasn’t intending to publish a book when she began writing down ideas and short chapters for fun in 2018.

She told the Richmond News that although the writing started off as a form of entertainment, she found that the protagonist began to reflect how people in the world can sometimes take emotions and feelings for granted.

“We understand what anger or happiness feels like, but for (the character) and even for some people in this world, they struggle with connecting with their emotions,” said Mikula-Noble.

“I hope people can empathize with (the character) in the story as well as those in the community as well.”

Thirteen, self-published with Tellwell Talent, came from Mikula-Noble’s love of reading books and is a story that follows a strong female soldier struggling to adapt and understand the emotional change in her life.

Despite her busy schedule, the 16-year-old found time to write “bits and pieces” of Thirteen as a way to relax while continuing her daily life as a high school student and a competitive dancer.

“I could sometimes pretend I was in (the book’s) world where nothing else mattered, and although that sounds cliché that is what happened,” said Mikula-Noble.

When asked if she will continue novel writing, she said a second book was possible.

“I’ve started thinking about (writing) a second book, but that’s just a thought for now,” said Mikula-Noble.

For the time being, her focus is to finish Grade 11 at Crofton House School, before attending the Juilliard Summer Intensives dance training in June.

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