It’s best if Pt. Bobbers travel to rest of U.S. by boat


Re: ‘Non-answer’ to Point predicament, letter to the editor, Aug. 6

Point Roberts is "not a unique situation" during the COVID-19 lock down. If Point Roberts' whiners and whingers got their butts out of their cars long enough to look around, they'd notice that Point Roberts is linked to "the rest of the U.S." by American waters over which they can travel freely.

I wish they would take the boat. Letting them transit Canada through Tsawwassen, Delta, Surrey, White Rock and back allows them to shop and bank in the United States and then in Canada to their hearts' content before crossing the border back into Point Roberts.

I've lost count of the Pt. Bobbers I've seen lined up in Tsawwassen stores and banks; I'm sure they do the same in Surrey and White Rock and elsewhere. Heaven only knows how many Canadians they expose to American levels of risk of catching COVID-19 while taking advantage of the lower Canuck buck.

I don't believe there are no COVID-19 cases in Point Roberts. Some victims show no symptoms, some die. How do we know? And who's going make it public if they do catch it? Even the Point's fire chief says, cautiously, that he's "unaware" of those who have it.

As for Canadians who have boats and homes in Point Roberts, hire Pt. Bobbers to check them. Or sell.

Lest we forget: B.C.'s fight against COVID-19 originated in Washington state, a hot spot.

Greg J. Edwards

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