Delta should use ‘moralsuasion’ on self-serve gas station


Re: No Delta rule against self-serve gas only, June 27

This article is so saddening to read. The lack of interest by the City of Delta is disappointing and disheartening when over 25 per cent of Delta's population is over the age of 60. (Census Profile, 2016 Census, Delta, District municipality)

So erosive for so many of Delta's residents including the elderly and people with disabilities. Is it really 2020?

Vancouver had the forethought even back in the 1970s when self-serve gas stations started to become popular. It enacted a bylaw that restricted existing gas stations from changing to self-serve only. They could, however, convert to dual serve, having both options, recognizing that self-serve only would be denying a segment of the population equal access to a service.

New stations in some cases could be self-serve only but many chose to include full-serve pumps (a morally positive move). It seems this station is not, and the city does not care. They believe decreasing our right to choose is OK and suggest getting help from non-profits and searching the web to find a station that will serve us. Really?

Shame on Delta for at the least not using some “moralsuasion” to have the business include a full-serve pump (dual service) in the renovations.

Vince Miele


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