Burnaby’s biggest school sees 7th COVID-19 exposure notice

Two more Burnaby high schools have issued COVID-19 exposure notices, including the seven such notice for the city’s biggest school.

Families at Burnaby North Secondary and Burnaby Central Secondary have both been issued the notices.

For Central, Fraser Health lists Nov. 9 and 10 as the exposure dates.

For North, the latest dates for exposures are listed as Nov. 4, 5 and now 10. Families at BNS have received seven notices since the start of the school year, including multiple letters in November.

At least one BNS parent has expressed their frustration with provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry over statements regarding the opening up of schools.

“This is the 7th letter from my son’s school. SEVENTH. I’m thankful he’s safe at home. Believe it or not, not all kids are safer at school than at home, DBH,” tweeted parent Sue Robins.

More COVID-19 exposures have been reported at Burnaby schools.

Latest ones include 12th Avenue Elementary, which has had a COVID-19 exposure on Nov. 9, according to Fraser Health's latest update. Another notice was went to parents at Morley Elementary, which saw exposures on multiple days, including Nov. 3, 4 and 6.

Families at Gilpin Elementary have been informed of an exposure at the school on Nov. 2, according to a notice by Fraser Health.

This follows Glenwood Elementary families being informed by Fraser Health that someone who had tested positive for the virus had been at the school.

The exposure dates are Oct. 27-28.

Families at Moscrop Secondary also received a notification letter on Tuesday. The letter details that someone who tested positive for COVID-19 was at the school on Nov. 3 and 4. This is the second time in recent weeks that Moscrop has had a virus exposure as parents were informed of a case on Oct. 28 and 29.

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