Opinion: This Burnaby moron was driving with bald tires and high on cannabis

Chris Campbell

The recent snow that turned Metro Vancouver into an outtake from Mad Max: Fury Road without the sunshine produced a lot of rage in people.

Folks were fed up seeing drivers racing around Burnaby at unsafe speeds for the icy conditions.

They were fed up with seeing drivers rolling through town with their windows covered in snow.

They were also fed up with seeing drivers spinning their wheels because they didn’t have proper winter tires.

Now, add a new one to the list – a driver hitting icy and slushy Burnaby roads with bald tires.

The driver was stopped by Burnaby RCMP and fined $109 for the unsafe tires. You can’t stop on winter roads when you don’t have any tread on your tires. Just check out the photo above.

Oh, and the driver was also found to have just been consuming cannabis, which netted a whopping $575 ticket.

So, let’s add that up…$684 for being a reckless goof.

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