Letter: We need to channel our inner child to save the planet


I am a scientist now and I understand the uncertainty that comes up with any findings but now that consensus is clear and it's clear for a long time. We cannot continue to act the way we are doing now, we are messing up the climate and we are messing up the planet's capacity to withstand all the damage we are causing to it by putting pressure on species and the ecosystem from all directions.

We are asking for better and as much as I see that there are people who care and want to make a difference, we need better infrastructure to help the efforts from the ground up. Little actions matter but not if the big actions are going in a completely opposite direction. We need more than words and promises we need the people that have influence and have the monetary power which is now politics to care enough and to be aware enough to make real changes. 

What that means is straight forward: less or no subsidies to oil and gas industries, we need more public transportation and more investment in local sustainable industries who do care about their neighborhood and its environment. 

I support Greta Thunberg because she cares, she is aware, and she is putting real effort in getting the word out and trying to get people to do what they should have done way back then. Remember that moment when as kid we realize that there is not much we can do because the world is so messed up and we seem to be powerless? Well that girl and her troop, they are at that transition now and we need to get our inner kid back and believe that we can make a difference, climate actions are possible but they need the people and they need that inspiration to push through and become real. 

Let's not make our kid now, the kids of the past and the kids of the future down, they need us and we need them. The planet will continue with or without us, let's team up with her and heal her wounds.

Manon Picard, Burnaby


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