A strong community is comfort for the heart

Successful communities are built through a communal desire to respect other citizens, to help those in need and to create a peaceful environment in which all that is good can flourish.

On B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, at the opening to Desolation Sound near Powell River, there is a community that exemplifies all these qualities and more. A community deeply rooted in Indigenous history, melded together with settlers over the past 120 years into today’s Historic Lund Hotel, a place where you will always be met with charismatic staff and exceptional service.

The hotel has been operating for over three decades and it has become a beacon of community life in the diverse region.

“I love this place, I call this place my second home,” said Crystal Mitchell.

Crystal has been serving in the pub since she was a young girl and has watched the establishment travel through numerous different transformations.

“I started working here when I was 16…at that time gas prices were low, drinking laws were less strict and it was a very hustling place at that point.”

Through the years the Lund Hotel has gone through many changes. Ownership, treaty settlement land designation, renovations and more, but through all of this, the hotel has managed to maintain its unrelenting commitment to the community, which makes it so special and unique.

Now, the hotel is a place of serenity and relaxation. It welcomes travellers far and wide to immerse themselves in all things B.C. and fully appreciate everything this breathtaking province has to offer.

The Lund Hotel offers many exciting activities to keep you busy.

Crystal went on further to point out that “there are so many hiking trails that are around this building that are phenomenally beautiful. There are secret coves that the locals will let you know to head to for a swim, boat tours are a must, you need to experience Desolation Sound in particular, it is incredible!”

“Castle falls, which is a 45-minute boat ride past the hotel, has waterfalls that flow into the ocean, it is not to be missed.”

Or, if you would rather relax, the Hotel has a pub, general store, deli and plenty of waterfront access to let your eyes lay on the water for a lazy afternoon surrounded by good company.

Whatever your calling is, you will find it at the Lund Hotel.

If you would like more information about the Lund Hotel, please call 604-414-0474 or visit their website.

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