SCRD to begin test drilling for new wells

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) says it will start test drilling wells at four sites as early as Sept. 21.

The test wells are phase two of the SCRD’s search for new groundwater sources to supply the water system. Test drilling at four sites in 2018 ultimately resulted in the decision to develop the Church Road well field.

“Phase one of the project consisted of a feasibility study to identify aquifers that could function as an additional water supply source,” said Remko Rosenboom, SCRD GM of infrastructure services, in a release announcing the drilling plan.

“This time, four different sites were selected also with a high probability of yielding high quality water at a volume significant enough to justify development costs.”

The first well will be drilled at Maryanne West Park, with further drilling scheduled for Oct. 5 at DL 1312 in upper Roberts Creek, Oct. 26 at the Langdale pump station, and Nov. 31 at Gray Creek.

The wells will be assessed for maximum yield, water quality, sustainable production, potential impacts on environment and other groundwater users, and infrastructure requirements to connect to the distribution system.

“A multi-criteria analysis will be completed to rank the four well sites and a final report will be produced later this year … and recommend site(s) to develop,” said Rosenboom.

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