Raising a glass to U-Brewing for taste and value

If you are looking to enjoy some unique wine, beer and cider, but don’t want to suffer the high prices at liquor stores, give U-Brewing a try.

That’s the message from Jeremy East who runs Westview U-Vin-U-Brew at 7030 Glacier St. in Powell River.

That’s where you can do on-premises brewing of beer, wines, ciders, coolers, and sparkling wines - including champagne and Prosecco.

“U-Brewing is for people who enjoy wine, but don’t want to spend $30 a bottle,” East says. “We range in price from $120 to about $250, but you are going home with about 30 bottles of wine.”

When it comes to U-Brew beer the cost is even more economical.

“You can get 12 dozen bottles of beer and your starting price is about $180,” East says.

But what about quality?

“We always shoot for the best,” East says. “What we are proving to customers is even though we are a U-Brew, it’s no different from going to any craft brewery. And when it comes to wine, we only deal with Winexpert wines, which is a leader in the industry with their consistency and quality.”

Also, if you are keen on producing something truly unique, Westview U-Vin-U-Brew allows customers to use their own, locally grown fruit and berries in the production of fruit wines.

“Last year, we did well over 100 batches of fruit wines for people who have grape vines or apple trees and want their product to be turned into wine or apple cider,” East says.

“It’s a lot more work, especially for smaller U-Brews. But at the same time, if you want a custom brew, well, you can’t get any more custom than that.”

Another question about U-Brews is how long does it take?

For wine kits, the process runs four to eight weeks until bottling can be done. And depending on the wine style, aging of around three months is to be expected.

“If you want a nice, old red wine, you will get a better product if you age them correctly,” East says.

Bring-your-own fruit wines require three months for production, then the requisite aging.

For cider, bottling can be done in four weeks; for beer, around three weeks.

And when can you crack a bottle open and enjoy your U-Brew beer?

“The day I call you for bottling,” East says, adding the flip side is that most U-Brewed beer has a shorter shelf life.

“With wine, you can keep it for years, whereas beer, the shelf life is three to six months, depending on storage,” he explains.

And since the U-Brewed ciders use minimal amounts of preservatives, their longevity runs about six months.

For more about brewing your own wines, cider and beer, visit Westview U-Vin-U-Brew at www.prbrews.ca, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or call the shop at 604-485-0345 from Tuesday to Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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