Buy local and support our vibrant Powell River community

There’s no denying that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected our Powell River community. But despite the social distancing measures in place and the impact that has had on businesses, our community continues to come up with creative ways to come together during these difficult times.

Businesses across all industries—from restaurants, breweries and grocery shops to home improvement, health and gardening—have had to creatively shift their operations to keep their employees and customers safe during the pandemic.

Our local businesses are a hugely important part of our city, which is why it’s more important now than ever to shop local. Shopping local not only boosts our economy, since the money you spend stays within the community, but it also supports our neighbours and helps the environment.

Plus, buying local is easy to do.

Most businesses in our community have changed their operations for safety, but are also working hard to keep purchasing as convenient as possible. Depending on the business, you can shop online, buy gift cards for later use, order takeaway or tag a shop on social media to boost awareness.

But short of calling every single business to ask how you can support them, how can you find out about recent operation changes?

That question is why the Powell River Peak, City of Powell River, Powell River Community Futures and Powell River Chamber of Commerce have come together to create a directory where you can find information about local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find updates on a shop or service you need or browse to discover more about our community with the Buy Local—Powell River Spotlight.

Each of our local businesses adds to the unique flavour of Powell River, and without them, our community wouldn’t have the same spirit and vibrancy that it does. So be kind, be calm, be safe—and support local.

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