Editorial: Balancing act

Graduates had to adapt to changes due to COVID-19. Scaled back ceremonies held over two days in late June, and a well-received vehicle parade through the streets of Powell River, replaced traditional gatherings and events. Despite the challenges and disappointment of lost opportunities, a successful community event resulted in cheers and excitement from those watching, and smiles on the faces of now former high schoolers.

Restaurateurs had to adapt to changes with takeout options and are continuing to evolve and come up with ideas to create safe environments for customers, with provincial and local governments easing restrictions and approving options to kickstart the dine-in, or dine outside, aspect of that sector of the economy.

Personal service practitioners, entrepreneurs and businesses have reopened with strict guidelines to follow, all while trying to recover from financial losses due to the pandemic, which are compounded by customers and clients hesitant to return to even a somewhat normal lifestyle.

Local governments adapted to change, altering meeting schedules and dealing with shorter timeframes to make decisions. This month, City of Powell River is reverting back to its two meetings per week schedule (every second week), returning to normalcy after months of meeting once per week.

Travellers, who were totally restricted from moving about the province for months, now have some flexibility to visit communities outside of their own. After asking people to stay away, are residents ready to welcome visitors?

Balancing wants and needs with personal safety is part of the new normal.

Are you ready phase three?

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