Lund documentary launches online

The End of the Road will be available to stream on September 17

Starting tomorrow, the 79-minute feature length version of Tai Uhlmann and Theo Angell’s Lund documentary The End of the Road will be available to view online.

Launching September 17, the film will be available on the following platforms: iTunes and Google Play in Canada and the United States, and Amazon Video, Comcast and DirectTV in the US only. 

“It took about six months to get it all finalized,” said Uhlmann of the distribution deal. “We were lucky in getting it on a lot of different platforms and we’re hoping that [the film] has a new life out there streaming and finally people in the states who have been emailing me and asking how they can see it, can finally see it.”

The film looks at the community created by a group of young people who travelled Highway 101 until the literal end of the road in Lund, BC. Uhlmann is a child of this community. As a young adult she moved to San Francisco and New York, returning to live in Lund with Angell and their family.

Although the film documents the time of the Vietnam War in US history, the draw of opting out of American society remains prevalent in today’s political climate, said Uhlmann.

Last year, an hour-long version of the film aired on CBC. This version is still available to watch on CBC Gem, and for educational institutions at CBC’s Curio.

On online platforms that are flooded with new releases on a daily basis, the main thing is to let people know the film is out there, said Uhlmann.

“There’s so much material on those platforms so we want to make sure people know to look for it and share it with everybody they know,” she added. “It’s a story from a small town that is now going to reach the international world of the interweb. That’s really exciting.”

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