Don’t sacrifice the trees



Regarding the suggested changes to Cowrie Street, I agree wholeheartedly with T. Smurthwaite (“Keep trees on Cowrie,” Letters, June 26) that the trees should not be sacrificed.

Trees are far too often viewed as expendable rather than valued as an important part of the landscape, including business streetscapes. Smurthwaite detailed some of their many beneficial qualities. Perhaps the most obvious of these, in the present context, is that they offer precious shade, inviting residents and tourists alike to enjoy a leisurely stroll and perhaps a cup of tea. There appears to be more than enough opportunity to spend time in full sun on the newly-widened sidewalks along Trail Avenue. “Plants in large pots” may look attractive in season, but they cannot begin to compare with trees for beauty, and offer none of the many other benefits healthy trees provide, including their gift of shade.

I note that the photo illustrating a sample of back-in parking (CR June 12) includes numerous trees mature enough to offer generous shade. Trees take no more space “on the ground” than “large pots” and contribute so much more.

So please, keep the trees on Cowrie Street!

Sheila Weaver, Wilson Creek


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