DNA test changed my life



Re: “Sechelt teen discovers sisters through genetic testing kit,” Jan. 10.

I think it is delightful that this Sechelt teen has found her biological sisters through DNA. Her life will be enriched. Through the wonderful evolving science of DNA I have found my birth family as well.

Last April, at 66 years of age, everything came together for me. I was adopted at birth in the former Rhodesia in Southern Africa. Brought to Canada at eight years of age, I had loving adoptive parents. However, I knew nothing about my birth parents. Everything to do with adoption was so secretive in those days.

About seven years ago I started searching, and after finding out I was mostly Irish, I was very happy! To learn one’s ethnicity is very special. A cousin in England showed up as a match last spring and after I contacted her, my life changed overnight. There was a huge family in Britain that I belonged to and they welcomed me with loving arms, including a wonderful sister and brother that I have now met. Coincidentally, at about the same time, a cousin on my father’s side matched with me. With his help we now know who he was. I have just been to Ireland to meet his relatives. They are all wonderful and welcoming as well! I am so happy to know my background. Without the DNA test I would not have found out any of this. So yes, to answer the Question of the Week: I heartily approve of finding out one’s genetic history!

Gill Poulton, Sechelt

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