Abolish the RCMP



The Prime Minister and other prominent Canadians have stated that there is systemic racism within the RCMP against Indigenous Peoples and other racialized minorities. We have seen recent killings and other atrocities inflicted on these minorities in recent weeks and they outraged us and many, many others.

Here are our abbreviated views. Since the racism is systemic, the system must be changed. The simple solution to abolishing racism in the RCMP is to abolish the RCMP. The terms “Royal” and “Mounted” in its name should disappear. One conjures up images of a colonial mindset and that of the RCMP enforcing heinous governmental policies against Indigenous peoples; the other is an anachronism.

A new organization with a new mindset should replace the RCMP. Its emphasis should be on serving and protecting the public and individuals in Canada, including the marginalized, and minimizing the use of police “force.” It should not take on matters in which it has no expertise, e.g. mental issues. An appropriate name should be adopted for it.

The members of this new service and protection organization will primarily be current members of the RCMP. A large majority of them are good people with good motives. Some of them are our friends. New members should be screened to ensure that they are not racist. The bad apples within the RCMP should be weeded out. Consideration of a new oath is appropriate. Members of the new organization would swear to uphold the Canadian Constitution and in particular the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to put protection and service in the forefront of their role as officers. Their enforcement role would be done in a manner to cause minimum harm.

Canada is a wonderful country, but we believe the foregoing will make for a better country.

George and Terry Goulet, Sechelt

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