A question for VCH



I have been a resident of Shorncliffe Care Home since Oct. 25, 2019. I have become friends with many of the residents here and also many of the staff who are taking such good care of us during these difficult times. I now feel a real part of this community.

I have followed the proposed Trellis development since it first came on the table several years ago. At that time, the plan was to move all of the residents from Totem and Shorncliffe into the new for-profit development and tear down the old buildings. At the time, they estimated that would give us a net gain of 20 new beds on the Coast, less than was needed then and far less than is needed now. I understand that the plan now is to move us all to the new building and does not involve tearing down the buildings but rather repurposing them.

My question to Vancouver Coastal Health is: “Why have the people most impacted, namely those of us who live here and call it home, not had a chance to have our voices heard in a decision that affects us so directly?” I realize that not all of us would be able to articulate our opinions but for those people, their families should be consulted.

Marg Penney, Sechelt

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