A+ for community schools



The good work done by Sunshine Coast Community Schools seems to fly under the public radar so I would like to give a shout out to Gibsons Area Community Schools, which in collaboration with SD46, the Salvation Army and Rotary have been helping families during this difficult time.

Sue Wilson, the coordinator, went into action providing child care for essential workers during the second week of spring break. When the schools did not reopen, Sue and a group of education assistants from SD46 set up two adjacent rooms in Gibsons Elementary School to provide a socially distanced safe space for up to 12 ESW students. The students did a lot of fun things as well as learning activities, outdoor play, gardening, plus a whole lot more. At the same time, Sue was applying for emergency funding so there was no charge to the parents for this service.

During normal times, Gibsons Community Schools runs a very busy Breakfast Club. Food security is always an issue but the pandemic has exacerbated the problem. Gibsons Area Community Schools continues to help families by providing IGA gift cards.

This is what has been happening at Gibsons Elementary School since mid March but Sue and her team of staff and volunteers provide a whole range of programs in the schools – Gibsons and Langdale Elementary as well as Elphinstone Secondary. Every school on the Coast has a community school, offering a variety of programs. Check them out. You may be surprised what is on offer when this pandemic is over. Thank you to all!

Fran Heppell, Gibsons


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