Elphinstone: Book Gnome is back

The September Elphinstone Community Association (ECA) meeting began with Vel Anderson introducing master carver Darcy Getz to thank him for his work on the Book Gnome that has now taken up residence beside Grandfather Gnome in front of Cedar Grove School. The community appreciates his artistry! 

Elphinstone director Donna McMahon didn’t have a lot to report as the first SCRD meeting since July had not yet happened. She is now the SCRD representative to the Climate Change Action Committee of AVICC (Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities) and attended a meeting in Nanaimo on Sept. 6. The upcoming APC (Area Planning Commission) will be at Frank West Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 7 p.m. Donna announced that BC Ferries is seeking nominations to its Board of Directors. She sincerely thanks the community for its water conservation efforts that helped to avoid Stage 4 water restrictions this summer. 

ECA president Ron Neilson explained that there has been a barge issue in relation to picking up the megabags of garbage that residents collected, still on the Gower Point beaches. The ECA applied for and received a grant to facilitate this pick-up, but earlier on there was a problem of tides aligning with calm winds that held up the process. Board member Clint Budd raised a number of things the ECA could tackle this year, and his mention of community notice boards received great interest. 

There were a couple of electric cars parked outside Frank West Hall on the meeting night. How’s that for a segue – to remind people of the Sechelt Electric Vehicle Festival on Saturday, Sept. 21, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sechelt Learning Centre field beside the Farmers’ Market. There will even be EV owners willing to take interested folks “out for a spin.” I’ve counted five homes with electric cars in Elphinstone although I’m sure there are more, as well as electric bicycles. See www.sceva.org for more.

By popular request, I’m including some quiz questions from the game at the Elphinstone barbecue in July.

1. What is the population of Elphinstone?

a) 2,500-3,000

b) 3,001-3,500

c) 3,500-4,000

d) 4,001-4,500

e) 4,501–5,000

2. What was the original name of Chaster Road?

a) Beachview Avenue

b) Honeymoon Lane

c) Logger’s Lane

d) Elphinstone Road

e) Cedar Grove Road

3. What is the community’s plan for Reed Road Forest (DL 1313)?

a) develop it as an adventure forest for cyclists

b) log it

c) return it to the Squamish/Sechelt Nation

d) save it as an educational forest.

e) nothing is currently being planned

4. What was the name of the cannery that operated on Henry Road?

a) E.D. Smith

b) The Canners of Henry-Reed

c) Elphinstone Berry Canning Association

d) Elphinstone Co-operative Cannery

e) Howe Sound Cooperative Canning Association

5. What street name is NOT in Elphinstone?

a) Pratt Road

b) Carol Place

c) Judith Place

d) Marilyn Place

e) Pine Road

I’ll announce the names of winners (those who get them all correct) next column, so write to me at: elphin@coastreporter.net with your answers or if you have news to share. And if you have your own fun quiz questions about Elphinstone – let us know!

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