40 days of pain



The editorial by John Gleeson in the Sept. 13 issue was accompanied by a cartoon of a huge anvil as a symbol of the election writ being dropped. That was very apt. Last Wednesday morning, the day on which the writ was to be dropped, George was slow in getting up from bed; Terry said to him that if he didn’t get up immediately she would drop the writ on his head.

He jumped up immediately and said, “Oh no, I can’t stand 40 days of the pain of politicians’ hyperbole, concoctions, mud-slinging, incivility and potty pledges. Instead of their leading us to the Promised Land, they are leading us to the Land of Broken Promises.”

In the 2005 judgment in the case of Canadian Taxpayers Federation vs. Premier Dalton McGuinty for breach of a commitment to not raise taxes (which he did early after the election), the court in effect said, in a more elegant manner, that if you believe a politician’s promises in an election campaign, you need your head examined.

George and Terry Goulet, Sechelt

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