No water for weeks



This letters was sent to the Town of Gibsons.

I live on Gower Point Road, not far from the cut-off to receive water from the Gibsons Aquifer.

Since we do not receive water from Gibsons, we have been buying it from the tap which is across from the post office.

We fill two 10-litre jugs with the water and pay $5 for each. I don’t mind paying for it, since I am aware that this water is much better for my health. One has to use a credit card for payment. Many times during the last few years, there has been an “Out of Order” sign on the dispenser window. At one point, it took months until it was functioning again. I was told that the payment mechanism had to be replaced.

Since then, there have been so many occasions when it was not working. We do pay for the water; could that be used to install a well functioning system?

Presently there is a “Maintenance” sign on it, and we haven’t been able to get water for weeks.

I urge you to repair the system in such a way that we have regular access to a well functioning tap and payment system!

Susanne Lamm, Gibsons

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