LETTER: About men and masculinity | BC

LETTER: About men and masculinity

Regarding your column “Let’s talk, Squamish dads” on men’s mental health, I would like to give my philosophical perspective after 30-plus years of working with male youth and a subject I’ve often talked about.

The world of male interaction (from early on in our development) tends to be a competitive one.

The pecking order of comparison typically includes one or more of the following: popularity, leadership, masculinity, intelligence, stature, wealth, brawn, social or financial power. Resilience to these comparisons is crucial and stable self-esteem is required to manage it.

The path forward is to continue to expose the bullies who tease, threaten and attack. I would assume that abused women and the LGBTQ2 community would agree.

The angry, ignorant and intolerant men who care little for how their neighbour feels (as an example) are those who need to be exposed and ultimately, to get some help.

Only then will the average boy, youth or man feel less vulnerable to share.

-John Harvey


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