Big mess near UNBC

I was interested to see UNBC listed as one of Canada's most green employers. 

I often walk to the university and the trails around it. The back of UNBC behind the pellet plant and the forestry lab are wide open to vehicle traffic even though they are marked as trails with signage intended to prevent vehicle traffic. 

These areas get used as parking lots, ad-hoc fire pits and four-wheel drive mud pits. The trail behind the forestry lab gets used regularly by pickups that travel down this path to the end of 15th Avenue and the fence line along the top of University Way. 

It is littered with garbage, there is mud flowing into the creeks and much of the fence line is torn apart. The parking lot behind the pellet plant is a mess in a similar situation. I would encourage UNBC and the City of Prince George to put vehicle barricades up to prevent this environmental destruction. 

Mike Anderson

Prince George