Petro pressure

I am feeling like an injustice is being done in Prince George so I'd like to share some thoughts about it.

This weekend, a family member has come to our house essentially pressuring us to sign a petition in support of the proposed petrochemical plant.

For those of you who don't know, while this plant will secure about 1,000 jobs here, it seems that the corporation that is backing it up is ignoring the significant impacts on the air quality here - the airshed simply cannot support such a plant inside the city limits.

It's time to start investing these billions of dollars into sustainable technologies. While I do empathize that there have been significant curtailments in the mills all over B.C., resulting in thousands of jobs lost, it does not make sense to keep investing in a sector that will not last and that is harmful to the people and environment.

There are places all over the world - Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, who have been making strides in the right direction. Here, we seem to want to continue going backwards and desecrating the land that was not ours to begin with, but that we do love for the beauty it possesses and the time we've had here.

If not for the love of our ecosystems, we should want to make the decision that is best for our health and the health of other living things around us.

I implore you all to do your own research and decide for yourselves, and not be pressured by someone you know.

Neelam Pahal,

Prince George