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Victoria’s real estate board takes leadership role in community building

Top building award honours Ironworks development

The uniquely eye-catching characteristics of the Ironworks building are a glistening representation of the creative minds behind its development, exemplifying and celebrating the culture and creativity of Victoria’s Old Town.

Now, beyond its stunning curb appeal, the development has the credentials to back it up, having received the 2021 excellence award in the mixed-use residential category of the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) Annual Commercial Building Awards competition. Not only that, but it also received the top honours of the Judge’s Choice, further demonstrating both its appeal and practicality.

The Ironworks building is one of the nine winning projects of the 30th VREB Commercial Building Awards, which have gained recognition among members of the local industry for their powerful impact. Among past and present award winners are developers, architects, designers, builders, contractors, owners and financiers who have changed the faces of neighbourhoods for the better and stimulated the local economy in South Island communities.

“The developers, builders and properties we celebrate with these awards represent the future of our communities – these are new homes, commercial spaces and amenities that contribute to why Victoria has become such a desirable place to live and visit,” says Karen Dinnie-Smyth, president elect of the VREB.

She explains that selected projects reflect the commitment, values, and approaches that can enable a community to thrive. “I offer my sincere congratulations to our winners, and I would like to extend my thanks to all nominees too. All of these projects represent organizations who have made serious investments into the betterment of our neighbourhoods.” 

The successful awards program, which has been replicated by other real estate boards in B.C. and beyond, illustrates the real estate industry’s commitment to take a leadership role in community building, for example, by leveraging real estate projects for community and economic development, urban regeneration and job creation.

The VREB Commercial Building Awards prizes are typically presented at an annual event that takes place in November, with a guest list that includes elected officials, industry representatives, leaders of related national organizations, including the Urban Development Institute (UDI), the Victoria Residential Builders Association (VHBA), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), and members of the media. This year because of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the awards will be awarded virtually via video. The video will be available to view on the Commercial Building Awards website.   

 In addition to the Ironworks building, the excellence award winners of the 2021 VREB Commercial Building Awards are:

Affordable housing
Townley Place
1780 Townley Street 

Fernhill Heights
615 Fernhill Road

Commercial – Retail
1109 Langford Parkway

835 Dunsmuir
835 Dunsmuir Road 

Glenlyon Norfolk School
1701 Beach Drive 

Victoria Academy of Ballet
2713 Quadra Street 

Supportive Housing
SpeqƏȠéutxw (Spaken) House
833 Hillside Avenue 

Avery Lane
1810 Kings Road