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The faces of the Vital Victoria Podcast

The Vital Victoria Podcast highlights individuals working to create a vibrant, caring community by sharing their stories

A simple story can bridge communities and causes. Many of those stories reside within Greater Victoria, and The Victoria Foundation is proud to feature the individuals behind them on a new podcast.  

The Vital Victoria Podcast highlights individuals working to create a vibrant, caring community for all, sharing their stories while diving into the deeper meaning of stats from the Victoria Foundation’s annual Vital Signs program. Through four episodes, the podcast has covered topics ranging from the role of nurse practitioners in the healthcare system to a large-scale choir bringing the community together.

Sharing those stories is podcast host Lucky Budd, a local author, historian and longtime musician. “The more people hear one another’s stories, the more we can relate to one another,” says Budd. “The more we see what we have in common, the more bridges are connected.”

The stories shared, so far, prove that there are amazing people doing amazing things across Greater Victoria.

There’s Jill Van Gyn, CEO and founder of Fatso Peanut Butter, featured in episode two. Van Gyn shares her powerful story of becoming sober in 2010, earning a post-graduate degree in 2015, then becoming the CEO of Canada’s 18th fastest growing startup (Fatso) in 2021.

“Being seen as a vital part of our society and as a human being, and being treated as such, is one of the most foundation ways we can approach solving [many] problems,” says Van Gyn. In the episode, she elaborates on the power of local businesses working to make a difference in their communities.

In episode three, Budd sits down with the recently retired CEO of the Inter-Cultural Association (ICA) of Greater Victoria, Jean McRae. They talk about McRae’s experience working in the immigrant and refugee services sector since 1982. They also touch on the role ICA plays in supporting the full integration of newcomer immigrants and refugees into the Capital Region.

“We’re doing a lot of work through our tools for equity and through bystander training,” says McRae, who then goes on to cover how individuals and organizations can make our community more welcoming. “We can all work to improve that, whether it’s walking down the street and saying hello or whether it’s in a workplace.”

Whether it’s two nurse practitioners sharing their experience in the healthcare system or a choir director in charge of over 200 members of all abilities and experiences, the Vital Victoria Podcast provides a platform for those striving for a vibrant, caring community for all. New episodes are released on the first Tuesday of each month.

You can learn more at or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.