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Meet the firm newly bringing private investment opportunities to Victoria

Nicola Wealth provides comprehensive wealth planning and unique asset classes to help mitigate market volatility

Nicola Wealth is proud to welcome its new Vancouver Island-based professionals to the wealth management firm.

Christopher Warner and Kerry Foord are the latest professionals to join the Nicola Wealth team.

Both left their big bank jobs to work with the independent wealth management firm that provides sophisticated planning and access to historically well-performing investments.

“Both of us decided to join Nicola Wealth because of its investment strategy,” Foord says.

“I really wanted to be at a firm that puts clients first and has a unique investment offer.”

Nicola Wealth’s new Victoria team will serve the many existing local clients as well as any new Vancouver Island clients who are drawn to the firm’s unique approach to wealth management.

“Kerry and I are excited to be here as the boots on the ground for Victoria and the island region,” Warner.

Clients come first

Nicola Wealth’s first task is to ensure they understand clients’ personal and financial objectives.

“We really care about our clients,” Warner says.

“We make sure our clients have an integrated plan that will optimize their investments to help achieve all the goals they want for themselves and their family, effectively creating a legacy that endures.”

Understanding her clients’ financial circumstances and goals informs Foord’s plans.

“The main focus is that my clients know that they’re invested in the right way and they’re not feeling stress,” Foord says.

“We don’t just look at investing clients' money. We look at the whole financial picture. We have to understand clients’ goals and financial objectives, and then it’s our job to work to make it happen.”

As a boutique investment firm, the personal touch is crucial.

“Our team will be there for clients. They can be secure in knowing they can reach us,” Foord says.

Investments that aim to mitigate portfolio volatility

Nicola Wealth’s approach to investing goes beyond a typical stock and bonds portfolio - diversifying is fundamental to the firm’s approach to protecting and building wealth.

“Nicola Wealth takes an institutional approach to investing, so it operates more like a pension or endowment fund, creating true diversification and exposure to various asset classes,” Warner says.

“These institutions know that stocks and bonds are only a small part of the global investment market. To provide true diversification, we have a spectrum of different assets that perform independently, targeting overall growth that attempts to provide better returns, less volatility, and a better experience.”

Nicola Wealth’s clients have access to private investment opportunities, including a real estate portfolio, private equity, private debt, venture capital, and more, all managed in-house.

Nicola Wealth’s full-time real estate team identifies investment properties to provide clients with real estate in both the Canadian and U.S. markets.

Commercial real estate can be expensive and difficult for individual investors to acquire on their own. But through Nicola Wealth, clients can collectively own real estate as part of a diversified portfolio.

Nicola Wealth also offers a pooled fund of existing private equity investments. This provides further portfolio diversification across industries, strategies,  objectives, and maturation dates.

“We’re focused on stabilizing returns and minimizing volatility,” Foord says.

"I believe strongly that how clients have invested in the past is not the way of the future. Things are changing, and you want to make sure you're choosing the right investments so you have stability."

To learn more about the Nicola Wealth difference, visit

DISCLAIMER: This investment is intended for tax residents of Canada who are accredited investors. Residency restrictions apply. Please read the relevant documentation for additional details and important disclosure information, including terms of redemption and limited liquidity. All investments contain risk and may gain or lose value. Please speak to your Nicola Wealth advisor for advice based on your unique circumstances. Nicola Wealth is registered as a Portfolio Manager, Exempt Market Dealer and Investment Fund Manager with the required securities commissions.

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