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Bath and kitchen showroom specializes in beautiful quality fixtures and expert help

Splashes Bath & Kitchen showroom experts will guide and help their customers find what they need and within their budget

Splashes Bath & Kitchen showrooms provide customers with a way to envision the transformation of a newly designed space with upgraded fixtures.

“Every one of our 23 showrooms have consultants that are experts when it comes to bathroom and kitchen fixtures,” marketing and communications manager Michelle Braden says.

“It’s a service many customers rely on, because each new build or renovation project is unique in its fixture requirements. That’s where we come in.”

Splashes seven Vancouver Island locations have showroom experts there to guide homeowners, contractors, interior designers and architects to find what works for their projects and within their budgets.

“Having a retail showroom, especially for fixtures that may be more technical in nature, better facilitates customers with the product options that will work in their homes,” Braden says.

“Whether your project is as small as upgrading a kitchen faucet, or as large as building a new home, you’re going to feel confident that the product you purchase will work in your home, and is manufactured with quality in mind.”

Splashes Bath & Kitchen is a retail division of Andrew Sheret Limited, Western Canada’s local wholesale distributor to the trades for almost 130 years. Not only does Splashes Bath & Kitchen offer beautifully designed bathroom and kitchen fixtures, they provide information on both technical specifications as well as design insights to help guide fixture decisions.

“We are committed to selling quality products from reputable brands at competitive prices,” Braden says.

Splashes Bath & Kitchen focuses on bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This means they are able to offer a high level of quality. They are the experts in the realm of kitchen and bath fixtures and the company’s long history as an authorized distributor has solidified relationships with vendors.

Splashes’ goal is to help its customers’ home shopping experience be as enjoyable as possible, removing the stress and frustration of embarking on a renovation.

“A customer is welcome to drop in at any time and look at products we have on display, or speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants,” Braden says.

For customers who are pressed for time and want to ensure a showroom consultant is available to work with them when they come in, they can book an appointment. A consultant can then put a quote together for fixtures the customer is interested in. If they’re on the fence about a few products, all can be included in a detailed quote.

Both appointments and detailed quotes are free of charge.

Splashes sells thousands of products, and its website features a product catalogue with product images, manufacturer details and even an inspiration gallery.

“It’s a great resource for our customers looking to learn more,” Braden says.

Splashes is also excited to announce the recent launch of the Grohe Chinaware Collection, providing the Essence and Eurocube line of bathroom fixtures.

The recently launched chinaware collection includes seamlessly designed porcelain toilets and sinks.

“Grohe is a German brand with exceptional products, and the chinaware collection provides multiple options for a contemporary bathroom space,” Braden says.

“It all comes in Alpine white, which is a really sharp looking white. It’s a pretty modern colour that the consumer really wants to see in their homes as part of a more contemporary bathroom aesthetic.”

Grohe is known not only for its quality products that are environmentally friendly, including offering dual flush options, it also features advanced technologies.

InfinaBright coating on the porcelain reduces bacteria and build-up for a longer-lasting shine, and the DreamClean function features a powerful rush of water to scrub the toilet bowl from top to bottom with every flush, which means less frequent cleanings.

“If anybody is interested in seeing, touching, and getting to know the product, they’re welcome to visit one of our showrooms. Our consultants are happy to help,” Braden says.

To browse products and inspiration galleries, as well as book an expert consultation, visit