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Affordable rapid COVID-19 tests readily available to Canadians

Increasingly high demands have made getting rapid tests more difficult
Photo via iStock.

In early 2020, news of the pandemic flooded media and digital airwaves as everyone sat anxiously awaiting news of when the virus would hit Victoria, and how it would impact Canada. Vaccines and rapid tests have been invaluable in helping communities combat transmissions.

Currently, companies such as MyZone Health are making rapid testing available for people all over Canada, at an affordable price.

However, increasingly high demands have made getting rapid tests in time more difficult.

“It has been very challenging for rapid test suppliers to keep up with demand, and, up until now, everyone has been back-ordered 1-2 weeks out,” says Mike Schwarz, CEO of MyZone Health.

Schwarz has also been concerned that both businesses and households need test kits right away, believing they shouldn’t have to wait up to a week to get a rapid test.

“They need them the same day or next morning,” advises Schwarz. Not one to sit by idly, he came up with a solution that benefits Canadians in Victoria and beyond. Starting this week, MyZone Health is shipping out all orders less than 24 hours after receiving them. Additionally, those who select the standard UPS mode will not be charged for courier services.

Beyond speedy distribution, MyZone Health’s rapid antigen tests are simple to take: just use the nasal swab and follow the instructions. They are also one of the least expensive and most accurate rapid test kits in Canada. These Health Canada-authorized Boson rapid tests offer results that are 97.48% accurate.

To learn more about MyZone Health and the rapid tests, visit the website at