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3 ways to incorporate community into your 2022 New Year’s resolutions

The Victoria Foundation encourages residents of our region to consider making a commitment to help improve our community

A new year means new opportunities, and for many people, that means resolutions.

Whether it’s to get fit, read more or drink less, most of us set goals on the first day of the year and try not to drop them by the second. And, most of those noble goals revolve around self-improvement. For 2022, the Victoria Foundation encourages residents of our region to also consider making a commitment to help improve our community. And to help you, here are three ways to give back to your community in 2022 through time, talent, and treasure.


It can be easy to think simply of financial donations when considering how to support your community, but that’s understandably not an option for many people. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because there is another gift you can give: the gift of time.

Several charitable organizations are only able to do what they do because of the dedication and enthusiasm of their volunteers. Whether a few hours a week, a month or even a year, you can make a big impact simply by donating your time to a charity or cause that is meaningful to you. 

How do you find volunteer opportunities? If you know of a charitable organization you would like to help, simply visit its website for more information, or call. If you know a cause you’d like to support but don’t know where to start, connect with a local volunteer services organization, such as Volunteer Victoria, Oak Bay Volunteer Services, or the Saanich Volunteer Services Society. They’re here to connect willing volunteers with causes that need their help, and, are an excellent place to start your volunteering journey.


There’s likely something you’re good at that can be used as a force for good in our community. Whether it’s a skill you’ve honed through education, work or hobbies, you have something to offer when it comes to your talents.

You can do this as a volunteer, as stated above, with many organizations offering volunteer roles requiring specific skills. Or, if you’re looking for a change, you could apply for paid positions at the charitable organizations of your choice, thus combining your desire to help with your career. You can also set out on your own and find unique ways to use your talents to help your community.

For instance, are you good at organizing events and rallying neighbours? Consider applying for a Neighbourhood Small Grant through the Victoria Foundation to help fund a small-scale, grassroots project right in your own neighbourhood. Examples of past projects include multicultural events, block parties, community gardens, and skill-sharing workshops. Keep an eye on the website for when applications are open.


Financial funding is still one of the most significant ways you can support the organizations and causes that matter most to you. From a one-time donation, to monthly donations, to large legacy gifts, your generosity makes a major impact on our region’s charitable organizations and, in turn, our community. And there’s no such thing as too small of a donation.

What will you offer your community in 2022: time, talent, or treasure? No matter which is right for you, you’ll feel good knowing you’re helping improve your community and giving back. Now that’s a resolution worth keeping.

Don’t know where to donate? The Victoria Foundation’s Community Action Funds can help by giving you the opportunity to donate to the causes you’re passionate about with the confidence your generosity will be put to the highest and best use.