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Helen Chesnut

January 31, 2013
As a garden columnist in the Times Colonist, Helen Chesnut weaves stories about friends and neighbours into her descriptions of gardening procedures and favourite ornamental and edible plants. She . . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Primrose plants need cool place, moist soil

February 20, 2019
Dear Helen: When the neighbourhood became buried in snow with the sudden arrival of winter, I bought three primrose plants to create a little indoor “garden.” The plants are together in a . . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Grow your own veggies and save

February 16, 2019
The sudden arrival of freezing temperatures this month came as a shock to gardeners like me who had been enjoying a long run of mild, usable days to clean, tidy and make changes to the landscape.. . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Cold snap should spare bulb flowers

February 13, 2019
Dear Helen: I’m sure everyone is asking about this: How much damage do you think the recent cold snap will have done, especially to early flowering trees already in bloom or about to bloom, and to . . .

Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Feedback on Canada’s new food guide: ‘thrilled’

February 9, 2019
I’m wondering what other food gardeners are thinking about Canada’s new food guide, and the plate of food illustrating its recommendations. Half the plate is covered in the colourful fruits and . . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: How to manage raspberry canes

February 6, 2019
Dear Helen: I continue to be confused over summer-bearing and everbearing raspberries. What are the differences between them? Are they managed the same way? L.O. The two have different growth . . .

Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Book offers tips on growing berries, fruits

February 2, 2019
I’m finding this winter intriguing, partly because of its mildness and the considerable number of useable gardening days it has delivered, and partly because its pattern has so far coincided with . . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Only a tall fence will stop hungry deer

January 30, 2019
Dear Helen: When we returned to live in our lovely Saanich after an absence of 18 years, we were unaware that the deer population around Cedar Hill had expanded greatly — until potted pansies that . . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Warm weather brings early signs of spring in garden

January 26, 2019
Never before had I felt such warmth in January sunshine. In the late morning of Jan. 13, I strode eagerly up the gentle slope of my garden to its uppermost part — a broad, open area that was . . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Not too late to plant forgotten fall flower bulbs

January 23, 2019
Dear Helen: I bought flower bulbs in the fall, but delayed planting because the weather stayed so warm. Then I forgot about them. Is it too late now to plant? Would they keep in a dark place for . . .

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