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Helen Chesnut

January 31, 2013
As a garden columnist in the Times Colonist, Helen Chesnut weaves stories about friends and neighbours into her descriptions of gardening procedures and favourite ornamental and edible plants. She . . .

Garden Notes: November the month to clear overgrowth, ponder fresh plantings

November 17, 2018
From a gardener’s point of view, the early November weather was a gift, its clear and comfortably cool conditions ideal for addressing big issues in the landscape. It was just before the . . .

Garden Notes: Bibb, a smaller, darker variation of Boston lettuces, great to eat

November 14, 2018
Dear Helen: Where did the term “Bibb” come from in regard to lettuce? Are Bibb lettuces the same as butter and Boston lettuces? R.J. Butter, or butterhead, lettuce, also called Boston lettuce, . . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Rosemary for remembrance, pansies for thoughts

November 10, 2018
This weekend is a time of solemn remembering, and in the realm of reminiscence, two plants come to mind: rosemary and pansies. “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.. . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Dealing with aerial roots, blooming rhodos

November 7, 2018
Dear Helen: Edgar, my 30-year-old split-leaf philodendron, has several aerial roots growing down toward the plant’s pot. I’ve cut these roots off in the past, but have been told that’s the wrong . . .

Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Care plan for climbing, rambling and bush roses

November 3, 2018
Early one recent morning, I stepped out of the house to retrieve the Times Colonist and was immediately struck by the sight of a single blossom that had opened on an old, tall shrub rose growing in. . .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Slender, distinctive looking Dutch iris remains a fave

October 31, 2018
Dear Helen: Several times this fall I have visited local garden centres to select spring-flowering bulbs for planting in patio containers and the garden. Among the displays of bulbs, I came upon “. . .

Helen Chesnut: October sun brings out vivid fall colours

October 27, 2018
Brilliant sunshine and crisp, comfortable temperatures for much of October have more than made up for September’s rainy gloom. The long run of sunny days made clear the shifting seasonal patterns . . .

Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Remove peonies’ wilted growth to stop blight

October 24, 2018
Dear Helen: Peonies in the garden of my new home are dying back. When should the fading top growth be removed? In the summer, I noticed a few young shoots on one of the plants had wilted. Not . . .

Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Your techniques determine size of chrysanthemums

October 20, 2018
A few weeks ago, I was working at my desk when I noticed a car parked in front of the house and two people walking up the driveway. The visitors were Jack MacAulay and his daughter. Jack has long. . .
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