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Trevor Hancock: Active transportation is good for mental health

May 9, 2021
The physical health benefits of active transportation (walking, biking, public transit) are well known. Compared to cars, there are fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and various air pollutants per . . .

Trevor Hancock: Creating well-being, from the personal to the planetary

May 2, 2021
In 1948, the World Health ­Organization defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” I find it a good and simple definition. One of its strengths is that it . . .

Trevor Hancock: Throne speech and budget fail future generations

April 25, 2021
The B.C. budget, delivered two days before Earth Day, confirmed what the throne speech had already shown: the environment is very much an after-thought for the NDP government, tacked on at the end . . .

Trevor Hancock: Memo to John Horgan: Don't blow it for the next generation

April 18, 2021
I was struck by the immense irony of John Horgan’s recent exhortation to young people not to blow it for the rest of us with respect to COVID. The irony, of course, is that he and his government . . .

Trevor Hancock: Circling the new local economy with the six R's

April 11, 2021
Becoming a One Planet region is a mammoth challenge, but one we have to meet unless we prefer to leave it to Mother Nature to do it for us (and to us). But that is not going to be pretty! The key. . .

Letters April 9: We’re no Copenhagen; how doctors are paid; we need more doctors

April 9, 2021
Victoria can’t be like Copenhagen Re: “No, Victoria council is not the devil incarnate,” column, April 4. Columnist Trevor Hancock is the latest to join the chorus of “Remake us like Copenhagen. . .

Letters April 7: High marks for Victoria council; this council does not speak for all

April 7, 2021
Give high marks to Victoria council Re: “No, Victoria council is not the devil incarnate,” commentary, April 4. I appreciate Trevor Hancock’s energetic defence of the initiatives taken by . . .

Trevor Hancock: No, Victoria council is not the devil incarnate

April 4, 2021
As an internationally acknowledged expert on the creation of healthier cities and communities, I have been observing with both bemusement and concern the furor in this newspaper’s letters page over. . .

Trevor Hancock: Creating communities fit for the 21st century

March 28, 2021
Last week, I noted three ways proposed by Prof. Graham Smith to reform our ­democracy to safeguard the future, and dealt with two of them: re-shaping legislatures and constitutions and bringing an . . .

Trevor Hancock: Practising democracy as if the future mattered

March 21, 2021
Too often, politics is focused on the short term. We see it everywhere: Support for clear-cutting the last stands of old-growth forest, fishing to the last fish, maintaining and even expanding the . . .

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