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Trevor Hancock: No matter who wins, we could all lose

September 19, 2021
It has been a pretty dispiriting election all round. It was called in the midst of a pandemic for no better reason than that the Liberals want to hang on to power. The campaign has been lacklustre,. . .

Trevor Hancock: The right to a healthy environment is a vital election issue

September 12, 2021
Last week, I noted that none of the main ­parties — those likely to form the next government — have yet recognized and accepted the scale of the global ecological crises we face, to which Canada . . .

Trevor Hancock: The planet-sized elephant in the election room

September 5, 2021
In a December 2020 speech at Columbia ­University, the UN secretary general said: “The state of the planet is broken. ­Humanity is waging war on nature. This is suicidal,” adding: “Making peace . . .

Trevor Hancock: Neither left nor right, but ahead — why the Greens are different

August 29, 2021
As anyone who has ever Googled my name could tell you, I was the first leader of the Green Party of Canada in the mid-1980s. That was in part because I had deep roots in green or ecological . . .

Trevor Hancock: B.C.'s 'natural gas' is both unnatural and unhealthy

August 22, 2021
If you have used the Tsawwassen ferry ­terminal this past week, chances are you will have seen a large billboard asking “How healthy is natural gas?” and pointing you to a website — . . .

Trevor Hancock: If we lose the carbon sinks, we are sunk

August 15, 2021
An important new report from the ­Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states bluntly: “Climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying.” ­Panmao Zhai, the co-chair of the working group . . .

Trevor Hancock: Denying net zero is 'simply not on'

August 8, 2021
Readers of this paper were recently treated to a classic piece of “light your hair on fire” misinformation inspired by the ­fossil-fuel industry. In a July 31 column, Gwyn Morgan informed us that . . .

Trevor Hancock: Building child-friendly communities means protecting future generations

August 1, 2021
“The well-being of children is the ultimate indicator of a healthy habitat, a democratic society and of good governance.” So stated a resolution passed at the second UN Conference on Human . . .

Trevor Hancock: We need to build ‘gentle infills’ for affordable, healthy neighbourhoods

July 25, 2021
In Canada, we are 80 per cent urbanized and spend 90 per cent of our time indoors, ­making the built environment one of the most important determinants of our health. As a leader in the creation . . .

Trevor Hancock: The difference between social, supportive and affordable housing

July 18, 2021
From time to time, fierce debates erupt over ­proposals to introduce more dense ­housing into residential ­neighbourhoods. I suspect that part of the ­problem is a failure to ­distinguish between . . .

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