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Trevor Hancock: What would it mean to recognize the price and value of nature?

February 21, 2021
Last week, I provided an overview of ­Prof. Partha Dasgupta’s report for the U.K. Treasury on the economics of biodiversity and the value of nature. This week, I want to share his proposals for . . .

Trevor Hancock: Our economic system needs to recognize the price - and value - of nature

February 14, 2021
A cynic, Oscar Wilde wrote, is someone who “knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” On that basis, our ­dominant economic system — corporate capitalism — is beyond cynical. It . . .

Trevor Hancock: Achieving human potential is true prosperity

February 7, 2021
Last week, I suggested that true prosperity is doughnut-shaped, but I did not define what I mean by true prosperity, nor what Doughnut Economics means for this region. I will explore the first of . . .

Trevor Hancock: True prosperity is doughnut-shaped

January 31, 2021
It will come as no surprise to fans of the British satirical fantasy writer Tom Holt that economics has something to do with doughnuts. In his YouSpace series, a doughnut is the wormhole to an . . .

Trevor Hancock: Post-COVID, we’ll need the Great Reconnect — to people and to nature

January 24, 2021
Thirty-five years ago, I co-authored with Len Duhl the foundational paper for the World Health Organization’s new Healthy Cities project. In it, we identified 11 key factors that contribute to the . . .

Trevor Hancock: We need to learn from Indigenous people how to be stewards of nature

January 17, 2021
The 2019 Human Development Report from the UN focused on inequalities in the Human Development Index, but did not look at an inequality that is particularly important in Canada: the HDI of . . .

Trevor Hancock: Canada's heavy ecological footprint hurts its human-development ranking

January 10, 2021
Last week, I quoted from a Dec. 2 speech by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the state of the planet. It made for grim reading, but it is the reality we need to face. Mr. Guterres did not. . .

Trevor Hancock: To heal the planet, we need to embrace solutions that are already here

January 3, 2021
On Dec. 2, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres gave an important if somewhat overlooked speech at Columbia University’s World Leaders Forum on the state of the planet.Guterres was blunt: “To put it. . .

Letters Dec. 31: Keep our focus; restrict travel; protect blind pedestrians

December 31, 2020
Let’s stay focused in fighting this I think it’s time we start banging our pots again. It feels like we’re losing our grip and not quite getting the message. People are dying. Right now, our. . .

Comment: Pursuing happiness, but not at the expense of others

December 30, 2020
As a supporter of Ayn Rand’s ideas, I want to respond to Trevor Hancock’s recent column, “The cult of Individualism is toxic,” as it misrepresents Ayn Rand’s ideas. Yes, Ayn Rand’s philosophy, . . .

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