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Trevor Hancock: Governments ignore urgent issues

August 10, 2020
Last week, I suggested that a major obstacle to achieving a more ecologically sane, socially just and healthy future is that we lack both a clear understanding of the scale and significance of the . . .

Letters Aug. 6: Mask mandate now, not later; AC not necessary

August 6, 2020
We need mask mandate now, not later Health authorities in B.C. should immediately mandate the use of masks in all public, indoor spaces, including transit, in middle and secondary schools, and in. . .

Trevor Hancock: A new ecological civilization: How do we get there?

August 2, 2020
Last week, I explored Guy Dauncey’s ideas for a “new ecological civilization” based on an “economics of kindness,” which he describes as “a cultural system of compassionate values expressed in the . . .

Trevor Hancock: Guy Dauncey and the economics of kindness

July 26, 2020
I received both supportive and critical comments in response to my recent columns on the local economy, although nobody swore at me — which means I am not as good a columnist as Jack Knox! One . . .

Trevor Hancock: Building a stronger, One Planet regional economy

July 19, 2020
Last week, I stressed the importance of a stronger regional economy as a means of increasing local self-reliance, given that we live on an Island and that the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the . . .

Trevor Hancock: We need to build our Island self-reliance

July 12, 2020
Last week I discussed Prof. Rick Kool’s point that we live on an island — but we don’t act as if we do. Almost all our food, all of our fossil fuels, much of our electricity and much else is . . .

Trevor Hancock: Let’s govern as if we live on an island

July 5, 2020
One of the many things the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed is the extent to which we have become dependent on all sorts of products — from face masks to food — that come from away, as . . .

Letters July 4: Keeping the border closed; bike lanes not needed

July 4, 2020
We need separate ferry kiosk for Americans Re: “ ‘Queue jumpers’ not welcome in B.C. as Covid-19 U.S. cases rise: B.C. premier,” July 2. As a Victoria resident and registered nurse, I ,too, am . . .

Trevor Hancock: Neoliberalism is a major threat to well-being

June 28, 2020
One of the beneficial side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it might spur us to rethink the fundamental systems that constitute our society, and the deep values that underpin them. One of . . .

Trevor Hancock: We need a One Planet Region strategy

June 21, 2020
As we plan for the economic recovery from COVID-19, many are pointing to the need for a green, just and healthy economic recovery. Mostly those calls have been directed to the global, national . . .

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