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Susan Martinuk: If the cat’s away, we’ll all be overrun by mice

It’s been a difficult and esteem-damaging week for those cats who are bright enough to read the daily papers or surf the Internet.

Commentary: Time to scrap province’s buggy computer system

If you went to your local store and paid $200 for a computer program that did not work, what would you do? Most people would return the item and request a replacement or ask for a refund.

Les Leyne: Tests ahead for drunk-driving rules

The decision to bull ahead with imposing certain impaired driving penalties even after parts of the system were declared invalid was formally abandoned this week.

Monique Keiran: Education pendulum has swung too far

Those of us who grew up in the last century heard all about how easy we had it. The tirade usually began, “When I was your age ...” and continued with the Facts of Life. These included: “I had to be up at 3 a.m. to get to school on time.

Commentary: It’s time for B.C. to raise and reform taxes

On Tuesday, the Times Colonist ran a news story referring to a “plan” proposed by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives to scrap Medical Services Plan premiums and replace those revenues with increases in personal income taxes.

Don't let the bastards grind you down.

I’ve been blogging backwards…a bit…trying to get everything sorted in the right order.

Comment: Urban trees deserve more value than buildings

Sitting quietly one morning, I heard the chainsaw. My heart skipped a beat and I froze in my seat. I knew what was happening. The huge, old grand fir a block down the road was being chopped down.

Shannon Corregan: Idle No More’s success is up to all of us

Last week, Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence ended her hunger strike of six weeks.

Geoff Johnson: Let teacher talks proceed without meddling

The evolution of a new round of teacher bargaining will depend on at least three key factors: first, the desire of both sides to reach an agreement rather than play politics; second, the negotiating skills of the facilitator/conciliator; and third, a

Comment: Capital region can’t take its appeal for granted

Let’s start with some facts. Global tourism is racing at four per cent growth and is the fourth-fastest-growing industry on the planet. Canada is lagging at two per cent.
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