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Opinion: Making the case for a more-welcoming Canada

A well-managed, steady population increase over the next 40 years can position Canada among the world’s most important countries. Throughout history, a growing population has been a key factor in the rise of economic and political power.

Column: Take your eyes off the screen, see the sunrise

Cabo Real, Mexico Some reflections at the end of 2012 — as I watch a Mexican sunrise. • My favourite newspaper headline at year end is “Past Imperfect, Future Tense.

Iain Hunter column: Protest is about government neglect

Her Majesty, after her morning sherry, pins a new corgi calendar next to the Gainsborough and purses her lips. Endless reign is in her forecast.

Column: All that glitters could become electricity

Bling is in the air and here in Victoria, it isn’t frost crystals. Nor has it anything to do with Monday’s New Year festivities.

Column: Starving students’ salad days are temporary

There’s a reason the term “starving student” has staying power and is a tired cliché — and it’s not just because of alliteration. It’s because “starving student” is a very real stage in many of our lives.

Opinion: A lesson from Canada on gun control in the U.S.

After a punch to the heart, the realization of an apocalyptic tragedy, there is time for shock, grieving, for prayer and, eventually, time for reflection and expressions of remorse, despair, hope and deliberation.

Column: Idle No More can bring about change

I cut through the Bay Centre last Friday on my way to meet a friend for lunch. It was busier than I’d expected, crowded with what I first took to be Christmas shoppers.

Column: I need a guidebook to tell me how to behave

A friend and his wife were at a movie recently, saving three seats for friends, in the usual way — an umbrella on one seat and hats on the others.

Column: ‘Savings plan’ for schools will create chaos

Changing the rules in the middle of the game is almost certain to bring howls of protest from the other players. In some drinking establishments, it might bring more than that.

Column: Clark still facing that double standard

It would be nice to think that by now, politicians, male or female, could be judged on their abilities, their vision, their values and so on. Gender should not be a factor. But, sadly, we’re not there yet. In fact, it’s probably worse than ever.
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