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Monique Keiran: Victoria key player in telescope development

Two developments occurred recently to advance large telescopes and the study of the universe around us. Scientists in the U.S. completed the first of seven 8.4-metre mirrors for the Giant Magellan Telescope under construction in Chile.
Les Leyne: Why Family Day is on second Monday of February, instead of third

Les Leyne: Why Family Day is on second Monday of February, instead of third

What would Family Day be without a big family fight? But there’s no need to endure one this inaugural February holiday. We’ve already had it — online. Premier Christy Clark promised the third Monday in February as a holiday while running for the B.C.

Commentary: Agencies need government commitments to action

We can predict some things that will be in the throne speech on Feb. 12. It will praise the B.C. government’s job plan, and talk about balancing the budget. Education and health care will receive at least passing mentions.

Week 3…. I’m just glad it’s over!

Well I have made it to week 3 – I am officially 1/4 of the way into my new life. It was a hard one. What did I learn this week: 1. Eating healthy is expensive. 2. Working out 5 days a week creates alot of laundry and 3.

Comment: Universities must ensure degrees lead to jobs

News sources regularly comment on the significant unemployment and underemployment of young university and college graduates in Canada today.

Shannon Corregan: Wynne’s election worth talking about

Ontario’s provincial election is over and Kathleen Wynne will be sworn in as the province’s new premier on Monday. By this point, her win has been saddled with all the tired rhetoric that we used to describe electoral firsts.

Geoff Johnson: Project studies what makes a good teacher

The distraught Grade 11 student said she loathed a teacher because of how that teacher had marked up her essay. “Then see your counsellor and change to another class,” I suggested. “No, I can’t do that,” she said.

Hawaii’s friendliest 10K

The day after we arrived in Honolulu, my husband spied in the newspaper a local 10K race. With him being a cyclist, the fact that the event also featured 35K, 75K and 100K bike rides made us both pause mid-Mai Tai.

Beautician on a Mission...

That's me punching Jonathan ! Beautician Suzie Spitfyre finds her own beauty Sandra McCulloch / Times Colonist February 6, 2013 Suzie Spitfyre loves everything in life to excess.

David Bly: The sky is falling and no one seems to care

The recent return of the Parti Québécois to power in Quebec has some people concerned about the stability of the country, but I’m worried about bigger things, such as the stability of the universe.