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Week 8 - Life's too short :(

Week 8 - What did I learn this week: 1. That life's too short to not be happy! I'm not really sure where the blog is going to go this week as my thoughts are kinda all over the place right now...

William Watson: Middle class doesn’t need help of politicians

As the saying goes, God must love poor people, He created so many of them. The Almighty might still love the poor, but these days, politicians love the middle class.

Iain Hunter: Caucus should choose the party leader

Members of the Liberal Party of Canada appear poised to make Justin Trudeau their leader. Generously, or because they’re looking for scapegoats if things go wrong for them again, they’ve invited total strangers to help them do it.

Monique Keiran: Rats seem to like seats of government

Seats of government seem to have problems with rats. A case in point: During the first half of Canada’s existence as a nation, so many rats lived on Parliament Hill, they fed a large colony of feral cats.

Elizabeth Payne: Quinoa could be good for poor farmers

Go ahead and eat quinoa; Angst about the rising cost of the faddish Andean superfood is misplaced In a modern tale of food fad-ism, geopolitics and trade, quinoa — a once-obscure Andean seed crop with a hard-to-pronounce name (KEEN-wah) — is quickly

Weigh-In Wednesday #8

Gratitude, not attitude. Gratitude, not attitude. Gratitude, not attitude. This is my new mantra, especially after Weigh-in Wednesday's results. Starting weight: 292.1 1st weigh-in: 286.8 2nd weigh-in: 280.1 3rd weigh-in: 276.4 4th weigh-in: 274.

Encountering God on Earth

Compassion and sacrifice of one family gives slum children in India a chance to break cycle of poverty. Many of the mythological stories I heard in my childhood revolved around seeking God. More precisely, how to actually see God.

Les Leyne: Outreach effort run by stumblebums

It’s hard to take the B.C. Liberals’ ethnic-outreach scandal seriously, now that the rampant ineptitude has been exposed.

Shannon Corregan: Common rules of behaviour sometimes fluid

Every now and then, you run into situations that don’t seem to have any protocol attached to them. There should be rules here, or so you think, but you look around and you can’t seem to find any.

Comment: History is more than just getting the facts right

This year, history made it to the Oscars as never before. Four of the nominees for best picture were about historical events: Argo, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained.