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Week 3…. I’m just glad it’s over!

Well I have made it to week 3 – I am officially 1/4 of the way into my new life. It was a hard one. What did I learn this week: 1. Eating healthy is expensive. 2. Working out 5 days a week creates alot of laundry and 3.

Well I have made it to week 3 – I am officially 1/4 of the way into my new life. It was a hard one. What did I learn this week: 1. Eating healthy is expensive. 2. Working out 5 days a week creates alot of laundry and 3. I really have a strong dislike for salad (unless it is caesar salad with only the leafy parts not the super crunchy middle).

More on point 3 – My husband, whom I love very much, has tried to support me in so many ways over the years. He was willing to do whatever I asked him to do to help me get healthier. If I told him to ask me what I was eating, if I was working out etc he would ask me, then sit back and listen while I got mad at him for asking me because I was upset at myself that I couldn’t make better choices. If I asked him to not say anything, he wouldn’t ask me for months and then bring it up casually and sit back and listen while I got mad at him for bringing it up. It’s not really fair, it’s not his fault – it was all my fault, I am the only person I can change so I have no one to blame but myself. I’m glad that he has always supported me and hope I will be able to show him that all his years of supporting me will pay off. So anyway moving on to my dislike of salad. I am into week 2 of eating healthy and my loving supportive husband made dinner on Monday night – what did he make you ask – salmon (which I like), brown rice (another thing I like) and salad (not just a bag of salad – he chopped up red peppers, carrots and cucumber in it too). It was basically my worst nightmare in a bowl that I had to eat with dinner. I can barely tolerate individual veggies on a good day let alone a whole bowl of veggies mixed together! I ate some of it but I really should have tried to eat more of it. It was quite the scene… thankfully my daughter is nothing like me when it comes to veggies, she actually asks to have salad sometimes (Crazy!!), so her and my husband ate all of theirs but my son who is 4 was crying at the table because he was being told to eat his veggies too. I was right there with him I was not impressed at all. Thankfully my husband took a pic of me enjoying (not really) my salad. I’ll post it below. What’s the moral of the story: I strongly dislike salad but need to not be such a baby and get over it….mind over matter!!

salad pic

I haven’t really set a weight loss goal per say – I just want to get healthier and hopefully by getting healthier I will lose some weight. So often in the past I would stay on track for a few weeks or months then get frustrated because I wasn’t losing enough weight and just revert back to my old habits and start the vicious cycle all over again. One goal I have set I am quickly realizing may be unattainable. I have challenged my co-worker to a wall squat contest. Some people might say that would be a good goal and could be winable if I keep up with everything but those people would be wrong! I have realized after the wager was made, (and I knew this before I just didn’t really think that hard about it when I was making the wager), my co-worker is like a black belt in Aikido!! He can wall squat all freakin’ day!!! At my fitness test last week I could hold it for 50 seconds. Well this week he sat in a wall squat for over 2 minutes before I told him to get up. This is so not good! I have been trying to take his knees out ever since but I think I should hire the job out. Does anyone know if Tonya Harding is looking for a side job and available around the end of April? Maybe I should start typing my blog in a wall squat…it would start getting a lot shorter that is for sure. What’s the moral of this story: try to remember that your co-worker is a black belt before challenging them to a wall squat contest!!

Here’s how my week went:

Monday: early morning workout at Westshore Rec. It went really good. Dana is really nice and I think we work well together. She says do this and I say ok.

Tuesday: bootcamp at lunch. Julie was sick all week so wasn’t there :( It’s not as fun without her there. Bootcamp was good. Super hard and the instructor Olivia is really nice and somehow gets you to do all these crazy hard things and feel like you want to do it.

Wednesday: early morning workout at Westshore Rec. We worked with exercise bands that day. You can really get a good workout with those bands and thankfully they gave me a set to keep so that I can work out anytime. Darn it one less excuse now!

Thursday: bootcamp at lunch. No Julie and Olivia the instructor put us thru a crazy hard workout. We did this pull up thing with 2 bars on the ground. It made me feel so weak but I kept at it. It can only get better right?

Friday: spin class at Westshore Rec. Again not to taint your view of spin class but it is freakin’ HARD! I am going to stick with it because it’s such a good cardio workout for me but good grief it’s hard! My butt still hurts but not as much and the instructor is really nice. While she is telling you to increase your tension 6 notches (which is alot!!) she throws a “please” on the end so that you will feel bad if you don’t listen to her since she asked so nicely.

Well on to week 4.

Till next time….

Laters baby!