Ways to be visible at night while being fashionable



Reflecting some more, so to speak, on a pet issue: it's the fashion to wear dark clothing, which is fine until it's night and motorists (and cyclists like me) can't see all those dark-clad people strolling along roads and crossing streets.

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I wrote an earlier post about this. Since then, I've received guidance on how to overcome phobias to donning unfashionable reflective bright clothing.

Wear a fashionable accessory that is reflective, like a hat, ballcap, scarf, gloves, shoes, belt or jewelry. (Definitely not fashionable, I am told: those reflective sashes that crossing guards sometimes wear. "No way I'm wearing that," a relative told me when I showed her my reflective sash. "Keep it away from me.") A Victoria woman has plans for a line of reflective scarves; I’ll pass along details when I know more.

Carry a small flashlight; turn it on. Some are barely bigger than the AAA batteries that power them, so you can easily have one in a pocket at all times.

Hang a mini-light off your jacket or pack/purse/manpurse.

Wear a string of sparkling lights. I saw a group of people downtown adorned in this manner looking very cheerful.

And, the most budget friendly suggestion: buy a reflective Velcro ankle band, the kind cyclists use to keep pant cuffs away from chains, for $4 or $5. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. Attach it in a jaunty manner to your backpack or purse.

There are also headlamps with reflective straps which I’ve been told are not acceptable as a fashion accessory. I wear one anyways.

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