Comment: Victoria then and now

Victoria, known internationally as the “City of Gardens” and “A Little Bit of Old England,” used to be a quiet, sleepy city.

It was a place where you could relax on a sunny day, put your feet up and watch the occasional car go by. There was time to enjoy city parks or putter about in the yard, hoping to create your own park-like setting.

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That was then and this is now.

The beauty of flowers and green lawns that was a source of pride to everyone has morphed to be replaced with weeds and an attitude that lets them grow. Even the flower count has lost some of its lustre. Who has the time?

Victorians are not gardeners anymore, at least not like they used to be.

That started as water bills went up and the deer invaded.

Many homeowners have lost interest and many homes are rented to the uninterested. You can tell the rented ones.

Immigration to Vancouver Island has increased expeditiously. Rather than the Garden City, Victoria is becoming known as Condo City.

Old structures that served families well are removed to accommodate higher density for all the newcomers. As a result, new and abundant construction causes traditional traffic problems that can’t seem to be solved.

We weren’t ready for this onslaught.

Our infrastructure was in desperate need of updating and, with so many more cars on our crowded streets and a bridge closed for months, we are seeing traffic gridlock.

Where did our sleepy little town go?

We woke up to discover the real world on our doorstep, It is our new world.

With limited land options, we can’t grow out so we must grow up and the high prices reflect that.

Many are moving in with no memory of how it used to be.

My message is to please cut the grass, if you have any, and keep the weeds down.

It is a treasure to be here and welcome those who have found this special world.

E.C. Jewsbury is a resident of  Greater Victoria.

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