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Sewage -- show us the money

The news that Greater Victoria's massive sewage treatment project will be more expensive to finance in the wake of the global credit crunch is worrying.

Editorial: Liberals escape NDP's grilling

The government's decision to bring an early end to the sitting of the legislature may be good news for Liberals looking to duck questions on the B.C.

Liberals' budget rests on wobbly foundation

The more time I spend with the government's numbers, the more improbable the budget looks. The plan -- especially in years two and three -- looks to rely heavily on optimism.

Worrying Wi-Fi weaknesses

A wireless Internet network is remarkably useful. The router sends out out a signal that can be accessed by just about any computer or handheld device in range.

Anyone should be able to run for council

Victoria councillors are making it more difficult for people to run for their jobs. Fair enough, but they should say so.

Fish farms get OK from a good source

Those in the know are likening John Fraser of the Pacific Salmon Forum to Richard Nixon, which will probably give Fraser a bit of a jolt. But they mean it in a good way. Nixon was a commie-hater, paranoid about Red China's intentions in the 1970s.

Should we do it just because science can?

Octuplets, 60-year-old new mom give rise to ethical, moral debates

Vancouver is all hyped up for the Olympics letdown

I've been hanging out in Vancouver recently, where the subject of the 2010 Winter Olympics is never too far from hand.

Editorial: FIFA scores a win during Victoria stay

In a matter of hours, the soccer world will have waved goodbye to Victoria. Tonight's match between the Czech Republic and Japan will mark the end of what has turned out to be a tremendously successful World Cup event.