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Victoria is the driest city in the summer

While I realize that Adrian Raeside's Aug. 4 cartoon depicting the B.C. coast as "where it rained all June" is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, it has no basis in reality, especially for Victoria.

Let's hope scientists can figure it out

Re: "Science to decide fate of pipeline, Harper says," and "Unelected team to run big sewage project," Aug. 8. It appears Prime Minister Stephen Harper is finally wavering from his hardened, push-on approach to the Gateway pipeline.

Non-smoking tenants have few options

Re: "Landlords shouldn't rule out smokers," Aug. 3. When landlords select tenants, paying rent on time is only part of the equation of whom to bring into the community.

Science that involves dollars and cents

Re: "PM says science to govern pipeline," Aug. 8. Well, that's a load off of my mind. Science will determine the future of the Northern Gateway project. It's comforting to have a prime minister devoted to the supremacy of science.

Athletes earn admiration, respect

If there ever was any doubt about their commitment, national pride and the efforts of our athletes, no matter where they placed or how they performed in competition, it was eliminated completely by Paula Findley.

We shouldn't assume winners were doping

Re: "Controversial Chinese athlete earned her skills the hard way, coach says," Aug. 5.

Les Leyne: B.C. has tough questions on pipeline

First, B.C. laid down five stringent requirements for any heavy oil pipelines in the province. Then Premier Christy Clark got into an argument with Alberta over sharing revenues from such lines.
Looking for peace and a healthy planet

Looking for peace and a healthy planet

Re: "NASA jubilant as Mars rover beams back photos," Aug. 7. Yes, another major achievement by us humans.

Salmon aquaculture not worth the risks

Re: "Fish farm quarantined after virus discovered," Aug. 1 When it comes to industrial salmon aquaculture on our coast, the list of environmental impacts is a long one.

Rowing coach an asset to Canada

Re: "Triumph. Heartbreak. Controversy." Aug. 5. The years of training and dedication necessary for an athlete to win an Olympic medal are impossible to comprehend. To lose after that incredible dedication must be devastating.