Which experts should we ignore?

Re: “Experience shows most amalgamations work,” June 5. 

The vice-chairman of Amalgamation Yes wrote on June 5: “Until the province undertakes a study, my advice to people is ignore all supposed experts who claim amalgamation won’t work at whatever level. Don’t believe them for a second.”  

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He also wrote: “It is my understanding there have been only one or two de-amalgamations in the entire western world in the past couple of years.”

The western world is a pretty big place, but in one tiny part of it, the former amalgamated Montreal, 15 municipalities de-amalgamated and regained their identity in 2006 after amalgamation a few years earlier.  But, it was an expert who studied that, so I guess you should ignore it.

After all, these are only facts and evidence from a professor who is an expert in this field.  

On the other hand, if the smart people of Greater Victoria are supposed to ignore all the supposed experts who claim amalgamation won’t work at any level, are they then supposed to ignore “supposed” experts who say it will?   

Who will undertake the study for the province? Maybe experts? Let’s hope so.

Mona Brash


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