We expect better from our mayors

Re: “Mayors did their best in handling complex police-chief case,” comment, Oct. 9.

Recently, at an all-candidates’ meeting, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said she deals in facts. Well, what about these facts?

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First, Helps, as co-chair of Victoria’s police board, was not the investigator of former chief Frank Elsner. She was never expected to be, but when she found out from the investigator the mayors hired that other allegations were made about Elsner, she chose to ignore them.

Second, with knowledge of more allegations of harassment and bullying in her police department, she told the media: “The board has full confidence in our chief. He’s the best thing that’s happened to this town and Esquimalt in a long time.”

Third, due to the bungling of the investigation, the police complaint commissioner took away the mayors’ role as disciplinarians.

Fourth, because this went from a simple investigation into a colossal one, we the taxpayers have paid out more than $1 million and there are many more bills to come.

I think Suzanne Bradbury is setting back the rights and respect of women in positions of power when she gives me the impression that, golly gee, this job was just too tough for little old me.

As a woman, I expect better from any man or woman.

Doris Johns


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